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Loreen Hwang is a lifestyle influencer who was born in Taiwan and moved to Southern California at an early age. She grew up in Beverly Hills California and attended boarding school on the East coast. She then attended The George Washington University. After University she lived overseas in many different places before returning back to Los Angeles.

10 years ago, after her dad passed away, Loreen started a beauty blog because everyone would always ask her what products she used for her skin or makeup. Within three months, she was contacted by Johnson & Johnson and asked to be a brand ambassador of RoC skincare and that’s when she realized this could turn into a job. She is the creator of the CoucouJolie blog, where she divulges all her knowledge on everything from food, travel, health, beauty and wellness. She has worked with many brands like Maybelline, Tourism Boards, Diamond Foundry, and many more.

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